Social Media Content Tips for Hotels

10 Jul 2018 in

What you post on your social channels matters. Quality content is the key to growing your social followers and turning your followers into customers. So, what should you be posting? We have gathered five foolproof ways to incorporate good content into your social media strategy:

Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Hotels

23 May 2018 in

Managing a successful social media account for a business takes more effort than many people realize. A schedule or calendar must be created along with taking or locating appropriate photos, creating captions, responding to comments, engaging followers, etc. all while juggling normal daily operations. If you are starting a new social media account or simply want to refresh your existing account, we have compiled Social Media Dos and Don’ts to help even the most novice Social Media Manager create amazing social media accounts.

Five Reasons Hotels Should Use Social Media

08 May 2018 in

According to a January 2018 report by the Pew Research Center, 68% of US adults use Facebook, 73% use Youtube, and 35% use Instagram. Social Media has become one of the best tools to target and communicate with your customers, clients, and fans, and it’s safe to say it isn’t going anywhere. So why should hotels include at least one social platform as part of their marketing strategy?

How to Connect With A New Generation Of Guests

30 Apr 2018 in

In just two years, Millennials will be in the driver’s seat with their purchasing power. Are you equipped to reach them so that your hotel is in their consideration set?

“Hospitality” in our Industry…is it in danger with advances in technology?

05 Dec 2017 in

Congratulations to #Hyatt for its 60th Anniversary! This milestone made me think back to the days when I worked for Hyatt and what that looked like. We trained our front desk associates to recognize guests by their names each time they approached the front desk. We upgraded VIPs to our Concierge level, whenever we had availability, without them ever having to ask. We had excellent cuisine and exceptional service in our dining rooms so that we could outshine the competition.

Best Practices for Managing Your Online Hotel Reviews

13 Nov 2017 in

As you’re setting your goals for the upcoming year, an important element to consider is how you will manage your guest reviews and satisfaction surveys. A first step is to take an honest assessment of how your reviews are being managed now. Are you simply meeting your brand’s compliance or is there room for improvement when it comes to engaging with your guests online?

Be the Best in Your Competitive Set

It's budget planning time. How are your guest reviews being managed?

11 Sep 2017 in
It's that time again; business plans are upon us.  As you review your operational scorecard during your planning process, a key component to consider is how your guest reviews and satisfaction surveys are being managed. Are the responses to your guest feedback appropriate, authentic and timely, and within the parameters of brand standards? Will future guests have a positive perception of your hotel based on the responses to guest reviews they read online?