Your Most Powerful Hotel Review Response Tool

20 Oct 2016 in

When online travel agencies (OTAs) and other third-party booking channels empowered past guests to judge their stay experiences with a star rating, hoteliers had to pay attention. Then guests shared photos and wrote reviews, and hoteliers had to get involved. This evolution has, in turn, shifted the way we do business by changing the paradigm from hotels controlling the message to the consumers controlling the dialogue. This dialogue can ultimately decide the success of a hotel.  So, as a hotelier, what can you do?

Customer Service in a Digital Age

14 Sep 2016 in

A recent report sparked a debate in our offices: should you take notes by hand or on a device? Is there any value in writing anything by hand?

Strengthening Customer Relationships with Social Media

31 Aug 2016 in

The other day while shopping at my local grocery store, I looked up from my list and made eye contact with the woman coming toward me. We both made that face – you know the one where you realize you’re supposed to know that person, and you can’t remember her name. Then, our light bulbs almost visibly lit up above our heads, and we realized we were high school classmates and Facebook friends. We had a robust relationship on Facebook, sharing mutual friends and seeing posts from each other, but in the offline world, we had no relationship.