OTA Bookings vs. Hotel Online Bookings - Are the Brands Making Progress in Stopping this Trend?

01 Mar 2018 in

It’s no secret that Hotel Brands have been looking for ways to compete against OTA bookings since the inception of online travel agencies. The quandary is figuring out how.

Leading in Brand.com Bookings

01 Mar 2018 in

Brands are working overtime trying to bring booking customers back to hotel websites, rather than have them book with an online travel agency. Do you know who is performing the best?

Which Brand is leading the pack in reservations booked on their Hotel website – according to ________?

     A. Hilton Hotels

     B. Marriott Hotels

     C. IHG

Three Lessons Learned from Marriott Pilot Program

03 Nov 2016 in

When you are a kid in school, testing is not something you look forward to. In fact, for some of us, it can create high levels of anxiety and require many hours of preparation. This was especially true for me as I approached every test with a complex preparation plan that seemed to do little to relieve my anxiety. On test day, no matter how well prepared I might be, I always feared the worst: failure. In this context, we were conditioned to believe that testing had just one outcome – either success or failure.

Your Most Powerful Hotel Review Response Tool

20 Oct 2016 in

When online travel agencies (OTAs) and other third-party booking channels empowered past guests to judge their stay experiences with a star rating, hoteliers had to pay attention. Then guests shared photos and wrote reviews, and hoteliers had to get involved. This evolution has, in turn, shifted the way we do business by changing the paradigm from hotels controlling the message to the consumers controlling the dialogue. This dialogue can ultimately decide the success of a hotel.  So, as a hotelier, what can you do?