Can Facebook Influence Guest Loyalty?

28 Oct 2019 in

Hotel brands are working harder than ever to secure the long-term loyalty of guests. Technology advancements and social network innovations have impacted how travel experiences are chosen and what makes consumers devoted to certain brands.

Reviews and Revenue: Are They Connected?

19 Sep 2019 in

It’s that time of year again: budget season! When planning for next year becomes all-consuming. Our goal each Fall is to make that process easier for you by providing data to inform your business planning process and to help you prepare your presentations to leadership. This month, we’re sharing the latest guest research about how reviews can affect your bottom line. Keep reading to see how a few simple actions can make an impact.

Must-Know 2020 Hotel Industry Trends

14 Aug 2019 in

Budget planning is around the corner, and we want to share information to help you plan for a profitable 2020. It’s always a good practice to look back and apply any learnings from the last year as well as look forward to what is predicted for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020.

Review of 2018: YOY Profits Up As Hoteliers Hold Down Costs

Tips & Ideas to Attract Diners to Your Restaurant

05 Jun 2019 in

More and more consumers are discovering great restaurants through social media. Once they find an interesting restaurant, their next step is to look for reviews. As an experienced restaurateur, this may not be news to you. However, do you wonder if there are ways that you can leverage social media and online reviews to bring more diners to your restaurant?

Impact of Reviews on Restaurants

2018 Top Booking Channels Results - Did Consumer Behavior Change?

19 Feb 2019 in

In the past few years, there have been concerted efforts by hotel brands to offer incentives and advertise to consumers the benefits of booking direct. Brands have ramped up their loyalty programs and spent considerable dollars on marketing campaigns. We looked at industry data and compared our own proprietary data to see if we could determine if these efforts have made a difference. Has there been a shift in the way that guests make their hotel bookings?

How to Best Leverage Guest Review Insights Using a Digital Communication Application

14 Nov 2018 in

Hotels are facing an increasingly competitive market. Most trip planners aren’t just looking at price points - they’re reading online reviews before they book a room. There are two strategies you can use to leverage those reviews to improve guest satisfaction and manage your hotel’s brand.

Who Owns Guest Feedback?

28 Aug 2018 in

It wasn’t very long after reviews became the ultimate influence in decision-making for shoppers of products or services that it became a part of our Hospitality industry.