Challenges in the World of Dark Social

11 Sep 2018 in

As if calculating the ROI of digital marketing wasn’t complicated enough! Time and effort is spent crafting creative ideas to capture an audience and to convert that audience to loyal guests who then become impassioned cheerleaders. Now research shows that “Dark Social” can muddy up measurements and make it even more difficult to make appropriate decisions when allocating advertising dollars.

Who Owns Guest Feedback?

28 Aug 2018 in

It wasn’t very long after reviews became the ultimate influence in decision-making for shoppers of products or services that it became a part of our Hospitality industry.

Best Practices for Managing Your Online Hotel Reviews

13 Nov 2017 in

As you’re setting your goals for the upcoming year, an important element to consider is how you will manage your guest reviews and satisfaction surveys. A first step is to take an honest assessment of how your reviews are being managed now. Are you simply meeting your brand’s compliance or is there room for improvement when it comes to engaging with your guests online?

Be the Best in Your Competitive Set

How Guests Find Your Hotel and Other Consumer Insights

11 Sep 2017 in

Your guests have many paths to find your hotel. The growth of online visibility has created an entirely new avenue for guest service – online reputation management. And if you have not yet investigated how to manage your online reviews, we suggest you do so quickly because your guests are using them to make choices. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible and follow best practices as much as you can.