How Guests Find Your Hotel and Other Consumer Insights

11 Sep 2017 in

Your guests have many paths to find your hotel. The growth of online visibility has created an entirely new avenue for guest service – online reputation management. And if you have not yet investigated how to manage your online reviews, we suggest you do so quickly because your guests are using them to make choices. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible and follow best practices as much as you can. 

It's budget planning time. How are your guest reviews being managed?

11 Sep 2017 in
It's that time again; business plans are upon us.  As you review your operational scorecard during your planning process, a key component to consider is how your guest reviews and satisfaction surveys are being managed. Are the responses to your guest feedback appropriate, authentic and timely, and within the parameters of brand standards? Will future guests have a positive perception of your hotel based on the responses to guest reviews they read online?

How to Respond to Hotel Reviews

01 Jun 2017 in

You’ve been asked to handle the responses to reviews for your hotel. You’re seen as the person on staff who is the most social media savvy, so you are the obvious choice. Right? Perhaps. But being a consumer...

Comparing reviews on 3rd party/OTA sites and Rewards Member sites

15 Nov 2016 in

This study is based on data from 3rd party/OTA websites and Rewards Member websites (,, during a 10 month period from January 1 - October 31, 2016.

Three Lessons Learned from Marriott Pilot Program

03 Nov 2016 in

When you are a kid in school, testing is not something you look forward to. In fact, for some of us, it can create high levels of anxiety and require many hours of preparation. This was especially true for me as I approached every test with a complex preparation plan that seemed to do little to relieve my anxiety. On test day, no matter how well prepared I might be, I always feared the worst: failure. In this context, we were conditioned to believe that testing had just one outcome – either success or failure.

Your Most Powerful Hotel Review Response Tool

20 Oct 2016 in

When online travel agencies (OTAs) and other third-party booking channels empowered past guests to judge their stay experiences with a star rating, hoteliers had to pay attention. Then guests shared photos and wrote reviews, and hoteliers had to get involved. This evolution has, in turn, shifted the way we do business by changing the paradigm from hotels controlling the message to the consumers controlling the dialogue. This dialogue can ultimately decide the success of a hotel.  So, as a hotelier, what can you do?

How responding to hotel reviews affects Global Review Index (GRI) and Competitive Quality Index (CQI)

30 Sep 2016 in

Results of a case study with 150 full service, select service and extended stay hotels located in the United States and Canada during July 1 through September 30, 2016. The focus of case study was to determine whether responding to hotel guest reviews on all respondable channels 24/7/365 affected a hotel's Global Review Index (GRI) and Competitive Quality Index (CQI).