Tips & Ideas to Attract Diners to Your Restaurant

05 Jun 2019 in

More and more consumers are discovering great restaurants through social media. Once they find an interesting restaurant, their next step is to look for reviews. As an experienced restaurateur, this may not be news to you. However, do you wonder if there are ways that you can leverage social media and online reviews to bring more diners to your restaurant?

Impact of Reviews on Restaurants

Preparing for Summer Travelers: A Social Media Check-up

02 May 2019 in

As we enter the month of May, many begin looking forward to Summer vacation. Your future guests are certainly doing this! They’re starting to think about where to go, how to get there, and where to stay. This is the perfect time for Hoteliers to consider the role that social media plays in the decision process to be sure that the right social strategy is in place to capture the summer travel planner’s attention.

A Look at 2018 Social Media & 2019 Hot Topics

15 Mar 2019 in

It may be considered an understatement to say there were a lot of changes in the social media landscape in 2018. Instagram launched IGTV which allows people (and brands) to share longer videos. Facebook changed its algorithm to prioritize posts from family and friends over posts from business pages.