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Budget Season Insights for Hotels
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2019 Budget Season Insights for Owners & Operators

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It’s Budget Planning time again! We want to take away some of the stress by providing you with the latest Industry insights and tools for you to use to make your decision and provide the proper back-up for presentations to your leadership team. Register for one of our live, informational webinars throughout August and September to hear the latest industry insights and marketing trends.  

You'll hear about these important topics:

  • Latest STR® trends YTD, 2018YE and 2019 outlook
  • Source of Business national statistics – Brand and Independent Hotels
  • Generational booking trends
  • Impact of Social Channels
  • Brands vs. Social & OTA channels – share shift of reservation bookings
  • What is on the horizon for Hotels – latest Brand PILOT, learnings and implementations

Reasons Why Hotels Partner With Us

  1. No time or resources to respond to reviews or manage your social media? Our team of hospitality industry experts monitor and respond to Guest Reviews in travel review channels including TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Expedia Partner Central, Google+ reviews, and Facebook reviews. Our hospitality and social media experts will engage social butterflies on your behalf. We handle the online interactions with guests so hotels can focus on guest relationships and provide an exceptional in-hotel experience.
  2. Is staff trained to respond? We increase social engagement and influence future guests by responding in an authentic and engaging voice to all guest reviews in all respondable channels proactively and within 24-48 hours, 7 days a week. We assign a dedicated iResponze® Social Media Ambassador for your property and work with you to establish a social media strategy supporting your goals and objectives. We develop a close relationship with our hotel partners as an extension of their team to respond authentically to guests online.
  3. Nothing slips by us. We alert your management team to a comment that might be concerning. Our comprehensive experience in the hospitality industry and in responding to online reviews provides us with a unique perspective and practical know-how to assist in these situations. We'll conduct daily maintenance of your social media channels, depending on the package that you choose.
  4. We offer the additional services of responding to Guest Reviews on brand sites, and Guest Surveys with a "Red Zone" status as defined by your brand, as well as Guest Surveys generating an "Alert" in any color zone. With our social media management servce, we create fresh, relevant and inspiring content and manage your social networks to build customer advocacy. 

Welcome to Your Next Guest Opportunity

Delivering an exceptional guest experience takes talented, passionate and focused team members at your hotel. Extending that same exceptional experience online once your guest checks out is how iResponze can make a positive impact on your 2018 scorecard.

iResponze® would love the opportunity to partner with you as a trusted extension of your team to achieve a common goal of increasing guest satisfaction and influencing future guests. If you'd like to learn more, we've scheduled several webinars this month. Sign up today. 

If you'd like to learn more, we're hosting several Webinars. Register for Webinar

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