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Leading in Bookings

01 Mar 2018 in

Brands are working overtime trying to bring booking customers back to hotel websites, rather than have them book with an online travel agency. Do you know who is performing the best?

Which Brand is leading the pack in reservations booked on their Hotel website – according to ________?

     A. Hilton Hotels

     B. Marriott Hotels

     C. IHG

     D. Hyatt Hotels


Answer: B - Marriott Hotels


Marriott’s booking share grew by 1.07% YOY, ending at 26.21%.  In second place was Hilton with a booking share of 17.25%, and close behind was IHG at 15.58%.   


For all Brand results, see chart:

Share of Bookings Percentage Chart per Hotel

*All data has been provided by Hitwise

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