How to Connect with a New Generation of Guests

How to Connect With A New Generation Of Guests

In just two years, Millennials will be in the driver’s seat with their purchasing power. Are you equipped to reach them so that your hotel is in their consideration set?

As Millennials advance in their careers and the Gen Z population enters the workforce, studies reveal that this enormous population’s purchasing power is increasing swiftly and conspicuously. Furthermore, these particular generations tend to listen more to their peers or key influencers that they identify as “people like me” – see chart. These influencers greatly impact the purchasing decisions of these groups substantially more than price considerations. On top of that, studies show that millennial shoppers tend not to be as brand loyal as older generations. So, how should Hoteliers respond to these new challenges as they market their hotels? 


Responding To Reviews In Partnership With Social Media Engagement

We have been asked the same question by many of our clients and, as a result, have been busy piloting Social Media management solutions for the past two years. We approached this challenge in a way that is the most natural to us - through the lens of our years in the hospitality industry which is a slightly different perspective than a marketing agency might consider it. We understand the operations and daily challenges (and opportunities!) at the hotel property level. We know that the hotel owns the guest experience, so we asked ourselves: how can we partner with them to convert these Social Butterflies into loyal customers, advocates, and influencers?  We found that we can do it by getting involved in guest conversations, by posting engaging photos taken by hotel guests rather than professional ones, and by highlighting special moments of guests at our partner hotels. The best part? This is just the beginning – the sky is the limit in tuning in to a new generation of guests.

But there is a practical side to this as well. Because of our industry experience, we are well aware that we must make this process affordable for hotels. Having learned so much about utilizing right-size pricing levels for our responding services, we know that we must tailor our services based on a hotel’s wants and needs, i.e, type of Hotel, size of Hotel, and geographic location demands. With all of this in mind, we have crafted robust pricing plans that are affordable for different budget levels.


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